About Dave Rocker

Dave Rocker brings more than 30 years of executive experience in corporate finance and workflow optimization to his current role as managing partner of the Rocker Group, LLC. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Rocker Group is a management consulting firm specializing in analytics, compliance and planning. Dave Rocker’s expertise in process improvement and workflow optimization are central tenets of the firm. The Rocker Group works with several Fortune 100 organizations, as well as many mid-market companies.

Previous Experience

Prior to launching The Rocker Group, Dave Rocker worked in corporate finance, specializing in mergers and acquisitions on a domestic and international scale. As Chief Operating Officer of an INC 500 growth services company, Dave Rocker led the company from an annual turnover of $4 million to $150 million in just six years. He also consulted for various Fortune 500 companies including KPMG and McKinsey & Co. Throughout his career, Dave Rocker has also served on several company boards, where he applies his expertise on scaling growth for financial success in competitive markets.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech, Dave has enjoyed a lifelong interest in studying how things work. He serves as an active member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and was a founding member of the Georgia Tech Club.

Outside of Work

In addition to managing the Rocker Group and being active in engineering circles, David Rocker is committed to helping others through his work with charitable and community service organizations. He has served on the Steering Committee for the Atlanta Housing Authority, and was the chair of the Fulton County (Atlanta) Workforce Development Committee.

As a humanitarian, Dave Rocker is most passionate about helping disabled veterans reenter the workforce in a meaningful capacity. With this goal, Dave was instrumental in creating AloriCares, an initiative of Alorica that hires, trains, and mentors U.S. Armed Forces veterans and military spouses in customer service jobs. Dave also opened a training center for 50 service-disabled veterans in Atlanta. Through his commitment to helping companies optimize performance, and as well as through his commitment to those who have served our country, David L. Rocker has given back to the Atlanta community in impactful ways throughout his career.

Managing partner at The Rocker Group, LLC

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