Maybe your family’s gotten larger, or that Christmas bonus isn’t what you had hoped for. No matter the reason, Christmastime brings about a financial crunch for many of us. Not to worry, there are a number of easy-to-start side hustles available to give your bank account that boost you need to take care of everyone on your list.

Putting up decorations

Once, people used to put up elaborate Christmas decorations to impress their neighbors. Now, thanks to social media, some ambitious decorators are competing with Holiday displays around the world! This increased demand for impressive displays has also largened the need for labor to help put them together.

Focus Groups

Providing valuable insight for brands and businesses, focus groups happen all across the country for all kinds of initiatives and products. These panels will take up only an hour or two of your time, ask for nothing more than your opinions, and pay cash as soon as you’re done. A quick Internet search will give you an idea of how to get involved with one of the many placement groups.

Pet Sitting

As long as you’re not allergic, pet sitting is a great and easy way to get some extra holiday funds. Apps like Rover and Nextdoor connect you with pet lovers in need, and before long you can start getting paid to keep an eye on their four-legged housemates. If the dog needs walking, you’ll get paid extra to take care of that, too.

Set Up an eBay Store at Home

Extra items gathering dust at your place can generate the quick cash you need easily. Ease of entry means you don’t have to do much more than make a quick ad with a couple of pictures to get started. Don’t have an attic full of forgotten treasures? Antique, consignment, and thrift store hauls can be flipped for profit with a little bit of online salesmanship.

Be an Apprentice Santa

No, not as a mall Santa-though for the right type that could be an option-but as a delivery person for the multitude of gifts that holiday celebrators are buying through Amazon. The shopping megasite’s new Amazon Flex services promises pay between $18-25 per hour for delivery of packages in a number of markets nationwide. They’ll give you the gifts to be delivered, you provide your own sleigh and reindeer.