It’s likely you have multiple interactions with AI that you aren’t even aware of on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence has embedded itself in some of the most widely used consumer technologies on the planet without many consumers even noticing. So it should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence is infusing modern office spaces with enhanced capabilities. Business-focused AI will take the boss-employee relationship in an interesting direction, and the transformation process is already underway.

The function of a boss, at its essence, is to ensure that a company performs at its highest potential. Following this definition, the future of business looks extremely bright. AI can streamline operations and help businesses become more efficient than was ever thought possible. This is thanks to advanced data collection and analysis that will give CEOs the tools to increase productivity by an estimated 40 percent or more by 2035. As technological progress continues to defy expectations, a complete overhaul of the work sphere seems increasingly likely.

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