AI could help your boss track your performance, for better or for worse

It’s likely you have multiple interactions with AI that you aren’t even aware of on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence has embedded itself in some of the most widely used consumer technologies on the planet without many consumers even noticing. So it should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence is infusing modern office spaces with enhanced [...]

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DIY Biohacking: Miracle or Menace?

Advances in biological science are happening every day. This being the 21st century, that fact may not come as too much of a surprise to anyone. However, the next big breakthrough in biotech might not arise from a prominent research lab or university, but in the garage, kitchen, or home laboratory of adherents of a [...]

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Dave Rocker: Veterans and Meaningful Post-Military Careers

Historically, the American military has produced some of our country’s most productive men and women. Considering that U.S. Armed Forces are the most capable military in the world, it’s not surprising that veterans who excel during their time in the military go on to accomplish great things following their service. The July 2016 [...]

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